Tennille Lyons Thompson

IMG_3583Tennille has been teach Pilates since 2003 and is trained in mat and equipment through Stott Pilates. She has completed courses for essential through advanced levels for reformer, chair, ladder barrel, cadillac, and mat. Tennille has completed trainings in special populations, such as prenatal and postnatal, sports specializations in tennis and golf, as well as rehabilitation of injuries. Pilates with Tennille has been a popular class each year here at LDC. Tennille married was married this summer to Kenny Thompson. We are so happy to have Tennille’s expertise teaching Pilates at Legacy Dance Center.
 STRETCH A – STRETCH A – Ages: 6-8yrs – Tuesday 5-5:30pm
TAP/BALLET – T/B Blue Leotard – Ages: 3-5yrs – Tuesday 5:30-6:30pm
HIPPITY – HIPPITY- Ages: 4-5yrs – Tuesday 6:30-7pm
ADULT PILATES – PILATES- Ages: Adults – Tuesday 7-8pm
STRENGTH/PROGRESSING – C – Ages 12-18 – Tuesday 8-9pm
PILATES – A – Pilates – Ages: 6-8yrs – Friday 4-4:30pm
PILATES 2 – Pilates – Ages: 9 & UP – Friday 4:30-5:30pm
TAP/BALLET – Combination Tap and Ballet – Ages: 4-5 – Friday 5:30-6:30pm
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