2019- 2020 Legacy Dance Center Policy & Procedures

We are excited you’ll be participating in our dance program! Our staff is certainly looking forward to working with your dancer this year. The dancers will be learning quite a bit in addition to having fun. Please take a look at our studio policies and procedures to familiarize yourself with the nuts and bolts of Legacy Dance Center. We are so thrilled we’ll be teaching dance to your kids and strive to make dance enjoyable for all participating!

Thank you again!

~Pamela Purcel


Note: the policies are in place to serve as the “nuts and bolts” of Legacy Dance Center… By staying familiar with the procedures and policies, a positive dance experience can be maintained by students, families and staff. As we enter our 9th year, we may periodically amend policies; however, any changes will be posted to the site and communicated to the students and families.

Parents are welcome to stay in the lobby or hallway during classes. Parents may also choose to leave the facility. In fact, dance classes offer a perfect opportunity for parents to get a cup of coffee at the local Starbuck’s, get a pedicure across the street, peruse the nearby gift shops or even get the grocery shopping done without the kids. If leaving the premises, we do ask that parents promptly pick up their children for the safety of our students and to keep classes running on schedule.

Studio Etiquette

Students must come to class on time and be promptly picked up afterwards. While waiting, they should remain in the lobby of the school. Students may not leave class without a teacher’s permission. Food and drink are allowed in the lobby but are not allowed in the studios. Parents who bring small children are asked to actively supervise them in the lobby out of consideration to the staff and others waiting in the lobby. Students who are disruptive in class will be dismissed from class. Students should respect the staff and other students and should expect the same courtesy in return. PARENTS SHOULD NOT MOVE LOBBY FURNITURE FOR ANY REASON.

Safety & Drop Office/Pick Up

  1. Young students should not be left unattended prior to class.
  2. Parents must pick up children promptly or call the studio to let the staff know they will be late.
  3. Students are to remain in the lobby and not outside while waiting for rides.
  4. Students are required to let the office know if their parent is not on time to pick them up.
  5. Students should wear cover-ups and street shoes when coming to and from the studio.
  6. Children are not allowed in the studios without an instructor present.
  7. Your child’s safety is important to us but LDC assumes no responsibility if the parent is late to pick up and
  8. Legacy Dance Center has not been notified.

Tuition & Withdrawals:

  1. 1st Month’s Tuition is paid in full upon enrollment & is non-refundable.
  2. An annual non refundable registration fee is due at time of enrollment. $40 per new student; $30 per returning student;
  3. Tuition is to be PAID IN FULL during holiday months as our rates are based on a 4-week month. Since some months are longer, the extra classes received equal those missed for the holidays.
  4. There is no price reduction for missed lessons; however, lessons may be made up within the same month only. Reimbursements will not be given for classes missed for vacations or school functions. Class tuition is pro-rated if enrolled after session begins.
  5. Legacy Dance Center must be informed in writing via email if a student decides to discontinue classes. A 30-day notice must be given in writing. To ensure the notice was received by Legacy Dance Center, a confirmation MUST be received back from Legacy Dance Center. Tuition must be paid to cover the final 30 days during the withdrawal notice.
  6. If a student withdraws from classes for a period of one month or more and wishes to return to classes, space cannot be guaranteed in the same class.
  7. Monthly statements are not sent unless requested.
  8. There are no refunds, pro-rating, credits or transfers of tuition for missed classes or if a student withdraws mid-month.
  9. Monthly Class tuition’s are per family based on Hours per week: 1 hr Class $78; 1 ½ Hr Class $100; 2 Hr Class $120; 2.5 Hr Class $140; 3 Hr Class $160; 3.5 Hr Class $180; 4 Hr Class $200; 4.5 Hr Class $220; 5 Hr Class $235; 5.5 Hr Class $250; 6.0 Hr per week per family $275 (Individual Max, unlimited classes for one dancer); 6.5 Hr per week per family $300; 7.0 Hr per week per family $330; 7.5 Hr per week per family $350; 8 Hr per week $375Unlimited Family Hours
  10. Family agrees to keep Master Card or Visa credit card authorization & bank draft’s current and will notify office of any payment changes. Card Holder agrees to charges made on account.
  11. Only the months of August & June are prorated, all other month’s tuition remains the same.
  12. Classes begin August 19, 2019 and run through June 1, 2020.

I UNDERSTAND & AGREE TO THE 2019-2020 TUITION & WITHDRAWAL above POLICIES including that I registered on line. My on line initials & signature acknowledge that I owe a 30 day written notice if I withdraw from classes before the June Recital. Payment for the 30 day withdrawal notice will be charged to the MasterCard/ Visa card or bank draft authorized by this agreement. I understand that a $15 late fee will be charged if account balances are not paid by the 10th of each month.


Students are placed in appropriate levels based on a variety of criteria. After consideration of any prior training, age, dance technique, personal strength, technical proficiency and intangibles such as talent and maturity the director and staff will decide the proper class level for each student to ensure the highest quality of training for each student. A placement period may be needed to determine the appropriate level for our Older Children and Teen Divisions. Class placement is determined simple letter system. ‘A’ level class are for 6-8 yr olds.  Students must take 2 years of a genre of dance before they can move to the next level. ‘B1-2’ classes are for beginning 9-11yr olds students who have trained 2yrs or less in a particular 1 hour class of a particular discipline. ‘B3-4’ classes are for advance 9-11yr old students who completed at least 2 yrs of training in a particular 1 hour class of that discipline. ‘C1-2’ classes are for beginning 12yrs & up students who have trained 2yrs or less in a particular 1 hour class of a particular discipline. ‘C3-4’ classes are for advance 12yrs & up students who completed at least 2 yrs of training in a particular 1 hour class of that discipline. “D Level Classes” are for High School Students who at least 14 years of age.  If a high school student is new to dance, they may take a C level class. New students may call the school for placement questions.

Ballet students will be placed on pointe after careful evaluation of strength and technique. Before students may safely go on pointe they must be enrolled in a minimum of two ballet technique classes per week plus the pointe class in addition to reaching a certain skill level and proficiency in ballet technique.


If class enrollment is too small, LDC reserves the right to cancel or combine that class with another appropriate class.


  1. Students are expected to attend their classes regularly in dress code and to be punctual.
  2. Consistency is essential for a dancer’s progress.
  3. Proper warm up of the muscles is necessary to prevent injury. If a student arrives 10 to 15 minutes late to class they may be asked to sit and observe.
  4. Please call the office if absences are foreseen.
  5. Make-up classes are in a level equal to or below their own level.
  6. Observing classes

In order to keep the focus of the young students and minimize distractions, we ask that parents not enter studios during classes. We have observation windows available for all studios. Upon instructor’s discretion, curtains will closed if observation windows are distracting to the students. Additionally, we will welcome parents at the special parents’ observation classes scheduled throughout the year.

Parent Conferences

If you have any concerns or questions about your child’s dance class, progress, etc, please call or e-mail to schedule an appointment with the director. We absolutely welcome the opportunity to address parental concerns and also want to see each student progress to their highest potential.

Dress Code, Dance Attire and Supplies

We ask that all students respect the dance code set forth by LDC (refer to complete dress code). There are many options for purchasing dance attire and supplies. Tights and leotards can be purchased at dance shops and mainstream stores. LDC will sell some approved dance attire. However, LDC strongly recommends a professional fitting for all dance shoes at a reputable and experienced dance supply shop. Two experienced suppliers are listed below:

Sandy’s Dancewear
11445 N Dallas Pkwy, Frisco, TX 75034
(Eldorado & Tollroad)
(972) 377-4509
Suffolk Dancewear
2325 South Stemmons Freeway
Suite 502-B
Lewisville, TX 75067
(972) 459-5556

Legacy Dance Center is located at 3575 Victory Group Way Frisco, Tx 75034 in a state of the art 10,000 Sq Ft. building at Legacy & Warren. We are located behind the Black Walnut Cafe & the RaceTrack Gas Station.

Notices and Messages

It is the parent’s responsibility to regularly check with the studio to ensure they are informed. Important school notices, special announcements and schedule changes are posted on the bulletin board and e-mailed to all students in the newsletter. It is each student’s and parent’s responsibility to check the board before and after class and to read their e-mail. We ask that parents or older students inform LDC of any address, e-mail or telephone number changes.

Dance Bags & Dance Shoes

Students of all ages should have a dance bag of their own designated for dance supplies. Please put your child’s full name on the dance bag and inside dance shoes. You may want to initial tights and leotards if they change clothes at the studio.


Legacy Dance Center does not carry medical insurance for its students. It is required that each student be covered by their family’s insurance policy and if injury occurs, it is understood that the student’s own policy is the only source for reimbursement.

Inclement Weather

The studio will not necessarily close for “snow days”. We will follow the Frisco ISD, however, acknowledge roads may be clear and safe by 3:00pm. If in doubt, call the studio for a recording regarding closings.

Recital/Spring Performance

We will showcase our students’ work at the end of the year. The end of year performance will allow the students an opportunity to perform in a stage production. The recital will be in June 13, 2019. We look forward to presenting a professional and special experience for our LDC students and LDC families.

While the performance will be important to those participating, it is important to note a few things:

  1. It will not be a requirement of all students to participate in the recital. However, performing is an important part of student’s training and so we encourage participation. Each participating student must report to the dress rehearsal for each dance.
  2. We will not necessarily change the sole focus of teaching technique classes in order to begin rehearsing recital dances. Therefore, mid-way through the year, dance classes won’t be solely geared toward recital preparation. We feel that our students’ dance education would be short-changed if we took that approach.
  3. There is a non-refundable recital performance fee of $125 payable on or before March 15th, 2020 by all students participating. Each sibling is $65. Each family must notify the LDC office in writing at info@legacydancecenter.com before March 15th, 2020 if  your child or dancer will not be participating in the recital.  This covers the rental of the theater, insurance, recital programs and cost of a stage technical crew & Legacy Dance Center staff.
  4. Tuition must be paid in full before a dancer is allowed to perform at the recital. Regular class attendance is a requirement in order to participate in the performance.
  5. To facilitate early planning and costume ordering, a non-refundable deposit of $50.00 per costume per discipline is required by October 15th, 2019 from all performing students. The final costume price will be determined later in January (each $75-$100 depending upon costume) and the balance due will be collected. If enrolling after October 15th, 2019 the total costume deposit fee will be due upon enrollment.
  6. The Costume balance will be collected on January 6th, 2020. If enrolling after January 6, 2020, the total costume fee will be due upon student’s measurement.
  7. All balances must be paid in full before costumes are distributed.
  8. Costume fees are not refundable. If an exchange is possible (for size only) there is a $10-$20 exchange/shipping fee depending upon vendor.

Substitutes and Guest Teachers

Some faculty members of Legacy Dance Center maintain active professional dance careers in addition to their teaching commitments. LDC supports this professional involvement and is very proud of its teachers. When it is necessary for a teacher to miss class because of performance or illness, every effort is made to replace this teacher with another teacher from our staff or from our substitute roster.

Photo Release & Liability

The undersigned grants Legacy Dance Center his/her permission and authority to use his or her son’s or daughter’s name, voice, picture, and likeness in connection with any and all publications, media broadcasts, promotional photographs, promotional posters, commercial products, including but not limited to pictures, advertising, Web site and any other commercial items. I also release and hold harmless Legacy Dance Center and S & P Enterprises, Inc., it’s owners, employees and contractors from any and all liability including personal injury.

I agree that I have registered online and agree to abide by all the policies as stated above the 2019 – 2020 Legacy Dance Center Policies & Procedures as stated above.

Legal Guardian on – Line Signature

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